A walk around the construction site for the new 37signals offices

Office tours: Building suspense

37signals has strong opinions about work. But how should an office look if you’re an international team? That often works from home? With a 4-day week? That hates interruptions? For the moment, they’re not saying.

To tell a good story, keep the ending until, well, the end. You can see this in a series of videos from 37signals about their new offices.

To keep the audience’s attention, they’ve added a little mystery to what could easily be just another boring office video.

We’ve seen the empty space and start of construction. Now we’ll just have to wait to see how it ends. Will their offices match how we expect them to? If not, why not? Oh, by the way, were those blueprints in the 2nd video real or perhaps a red herring…

While we’re waiting to see what they’ve planned, Office Snapshots has lots of office interiors to inspire you. Don’t miss Epic’s incredible campus: WOW!

Update: So, the mystery about what surprises 37signals has planned for their new offices has finally been resolved.