The current state of construction at the new 37signals office, including the first look at space for classroom-like theatre

Attention to detail: This one’s for the fans

I recently posted on the mystery 37signals created around their new offices. Well, blog posts revealing the floor plan, construction details and a video showing construction progress have solved the mystery.

A pleasant surprise to many 37signals blog readers was what lay at the heart of the new office space: a classroom-like theatre!

A classroom-like theatre dominates the south side of the office, right off the entrance. This is a 37-seat theatre (diagram currently shows 38, but we went with 37 for cheesy reasons) where we can hold workshops and master classes.

Having 37 seats to match the company name seems an insider joke of no real importance. Look deeper, however, and we discover a remarkable (clever, easy and inexpensive) story crying out to spread.

38 seats? Who cares? 36 seats? Again, who cares? But, 37 seats in a theatre at 37signals? Now that’s remarkable! It’s a sure bet people attending events will notice and remark on it. And so, another story about 37signals spreads.

Remarkable stories don’t need be grandiose. What makes a story spread is that people notice it, and then remark on it to friends and colleagues. Look for every opportunity to craft stories to spread. Sometimes a story is as simple as the number of chairs in a room.