WordPress consolidation: There can be only one

I’ve imported the posts and comments from my retired blogs: Andrew-Biss.com, ISVsurvival.com, PaaSTalk.com, SellToCamera.com and StoryComplete.com. This avoids maintaining multiple WordPress installations.

StoryComplete.com: A blog for ISVs on marketing by storytelling

Playing field bench
Rather than sitting on the sidelines and watching the game from the bench, software companies need to learn the new strategy and marketing skills required to get back into the game and win.

StoryComplete.com was a blog about helping ISVs sidelined by innovation and new players entering the game to acquire the new strategy and marketing skills they need to get back onto the field, re-enter the game and win.

Writing StoryComplete.com helped me understand my success in diverse roles in the international software industry is due to my ability to help people facing complex business challenges to discover what they need to say, and then finding the best way to say it.

This blog was an opportunity to deepen my WordPress knowledge, in particular on how the different types of object embedding work.

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SellToCamera.com: A blog for software professionals on speaking to camera

Studio set
Software professionals with experience of presenting to real people face an unnerving challenge when moving to web video: speaking directly into the camera’s unblinking eye.

SellToCamera.com was a blog about helping software professionals with presentation experience make the move to web video, addressing the concerns many feel when first asked to speak directly into a video camera’s unblinking eye.

For SellToCamera.com I bought a Full-HD camera and professional lights usable in a typical office environment. I recorded some introductory videos, edited those using Sony Vegas and then rendered to H.264 format with Sorenson Squeeze.

This blog was a great learning experience for working with video in WordPress.

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PaaSTalk.com: A blog for ISVs on Platform as a Service

Old workshop
Software developers are often stuck in their ways and are laggards (or sometimes even luddites) when it comes to using new tools and technologies such as Platform as a Service.

PaaSTalk.com was a blog about what Platform as a Service (PaaS) will mean to ISVs making the move from using traditional tools and techniques to the very different mind-set and approach required to build, deploy and operate Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

For PaaSTalk.com I swapped from Expression Engine to WordPress, mainly because of the massive WordPress developer community. More site visitors and increased site traffic gave me practical experience with web analytics and search engine optimisation (SEO). For local testing I moved from LAMP under VMware Server to XAMPP on Windows.

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ISVsurvival.com: A blog for ISVs on Software as a Service

The Alps
The shift from on-premise to Software as a Service can be life-threatening to ISVs acclimatised to a cosy business model based on large up-front initial licence fees and annual maintenance.

ISVsurvival.com was a blog about what Software as a Service (SaaS) means to ISVs who will be forced by the market to adopt a new business model that exposes them to the financial and reputational risks of running production applications.

Writing ISVsurvival.com was an opportunity for me to refresh my technical skills and get hands-on with HTML4, CSS2, PHP, Expression Engine, WordPress and RSS. Local testing was with a LAMP-stack running under VMware Server. I used Subversion for change control.

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Andrew-Biss.com: My personal blog

Andrew Biss sitting in his office
In the software industry since 1980, Andrew Biss held senior development, marketing and strategy positions at software companies in the UK, US, France and Germany before founding software solutions company ISVfocus.com in 2007. He started WordPress internals blog WPtrace.com in 2012 to get back into working with code after a decade in business development.

Andrew-Biss.com was my personal blog where I posted on technical and business issues outside current projects for ISVfocus.com. I never posted very often so it was better to call it a day and retire my personal blog.

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