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Archived content from, a blog for software professionals learning to speak direct to camera. retired: A blog for software professionals on speaking to camera was a blog about helping software professionals with presentation experience make the move to web video, addressing the concerns many feel when first asked to speak directly into a video camera’s unblinking eye.

For I bought a Full-HD camera and professional lights usable in a typical office environment. I recorded some introductory videos, edited those using Sony Vegas and then rendered to H.264 format with Sorenson Squeeze.

This blog was a great learning experience for working with video in WordPress.

Update June 2012 — For ease of maintenance I’ve imported the posts from the retired blog. You can find them in category


Sound matters: Testing, testing, one, two, three

If your audience can’t clearly hear what you have to say then your video is a waste of everyone’s time. Use a lapel microphone instead of your camera’s built-in microphone and get a massive boost in audio quality for a minimal investment.

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