Adopting SaaS: Sweet little lies

You know the shift to SaaS is life-threatening for your future as an ISV — you are doing something about it and reading! Still, you will need to convince colleagues who have not understood the risk your ISV is facing from Software as a Service.

A good place to start is Rick Chapman’s presentation: The SaaS Tsunami: An Analysis of why and how Software as a Service is changing the market.

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ISVs and Saas: Survival of the fittest

Trapped underwater and no air to breathe? Lost in the mountains and no shelter for protection? Stranded in the desert and no water to drink? Stuck in a wasteland and no food to eat?

What should you do if you are in one of these life-threatening situations?

First thing: understand your situation and set priorities. This might seem obvious; sadly, the news regularly reminds us otherwise. People often set the wrong priority and the price they pay is their life.

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